Ten Reasons to Buy Now - or the reasons why demand is outstripping supply!


  1. The American Market can't get enough of Portugal.

  • The population of the USA is 332m. Even if only 1% come here, that is 3m people. The population of Portugal is 10m. Number of properties for sale (see below) 47,200. Consider these consequences!
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that Americans are retiring to Portugal in droves!
  • USA Tourists up 300%!
  • US$ at a 20 year high against the Euro! $$$$$$$$$$ - more spending power!


  1. Property listings in Portugal are at a 15-year low. News Article from Spring 2023.

  • 47, 200 properties for sale! 


  1. Portugal Top for Retirees

  • Portugal has been ranked as the best place in Europe to retire based on the ‘2023 Annual Global Retirement Index’.


  1. Portugal Best for Remote Work / Digital Nomads

  • Travel research company ‘Momondo’ has ranked Portugal as the number one place to work remotely.


  1. Tidal Wave of British continue to come

  • Tidal wave of demand from the British in 2023. Figures from Portugal's ‘Foreigners and Borders Service’, SEF, reveal that the number of foreigners living in Portugal has increased for the 6th year in a row. An increase of 8% since the end of 2020. 


  1. Portugal is a Millionaire Hotspot

  • According to the ‘Henley Global Citizens Report’, Portugal is the second choice in Europe, only after Switzerland.


  1. Cheapest Place to Live

  • Portugal leads the 10 cheapest places to live in the world. ‘Forbes Magazine’ has chosen Portugal as the place to live when it comes to saving money. ‘Numbeo’, one of the greatest sources of cost of living indexes, has also revealed Portugal's cost of living is, on average, 26% lower than in the UK.


  1. Economic Strength

  • The ‘Economist magazine’ has placed Portugal in second place in the list of economic winners of 2022. 


  1. Banks Supporting Mortgages and Valuations

  • The banks are continuing to recognise the increasing prices with valuations close to all-time highs according to the Institute of National Statistics. Mortgages are agreed in a sensible manner and banks are not repeating the mistakes of the past with 'easy' credit. 


  1. Government Schemes such as NHRS, D7 and Digital Nomad Visa’s

  • NHRS (Non Habitual Resident Scheme), D7 and Digital Nomad Visa's remain at the top of the list for foreigners choosing a new domicile or citizenship. At an attractive entrance level, ease of application and flexible requirements are why the door to Portugal remains accessible to many different nationalities. 



There has never been so much positivity about Portugal. Portugal was always a favorite place to holiday and perhaps have a second home. It now has so much broader appeal to live, work and retire. The market was traditionally European but it is now global. The world wants Portugal and it's only just begun. With the imbalance between supply and demand, and with no adjustment foreseen (they can't build properties quickly enough), then the only logical conclusion is that prices will continue to rise rapidly despite the issues elsewhere in the world - in fact, many of those issues are leading to the decision to invest and live in Portugal.

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