Top Tips When Selling Your Home 

We see a wide variety of property and some sell quickly and others could sell even more quickly! What can a seller do to help make those first impressions just right? What stops most clients from buying? Are there any cheap, easy and simple techniques to give yourself that extra advantage? 
Let's read more to find out! 
Keep it clean and tidy - this starts from the moment you step into the property. The property is a reflection of its owners. If the garden is in good condition then the logic would follow that the property has been well maintained. This is crucial to keep the purchaser interested. Around the property try to dispose of anything that doesn't really need to be there. Place a few home fragrance dispensers, make it smell like flowers. Hide away all the mops, cloths and buckets. Make it ready for instant occupation. 
Pay attention to the details - don't leave cracks or small jobs for the next owner. There is nothing worse than a small crack, the sign of damp or an unfinished job. For a small investment of €10,000 euros you can add the same value five-fold. One thing wrong changes the mentality of the purchaser. If they can see one thing wrong then what else can't they see? Pay a builder to correct all the small outstanding jobs. You've probably lived with it for years but don't pass on a job to the next owner. 
Refurbish the property - this would be a larger commitment and many sellers decide against it as they believe the new owners would want to personalise it, exactly as they would like. The facts are the majority of clients looking to purchase a property do not want to do any work. We always offer our services, such as painters and builders, to make it easier for them but fundamentally a new kitchen or new bathroom with modern designs and neutral colours will bring alive your property and give it a new lease of life. 
Make sure everything works - this can be the basics of a missing light bulb, front door bell, electric shutter switch or an extractor fan. Purchasers will push buttons, turn on the lights and ask us to demonstrate how the ethanol fireplace works. Make sure it all functions as it should and that nothing is missing. If you have any clever gadgets like domotica - make sure the agent understands it - along with the alarm system, cctv and central vacuuming. These 'extras' are valued by future purchasers. 
Prepare a Welcome Pack - we are not talking about bread and juice but gather together all of the instruction and operating manuals. Have a list of how to do things? What keys go where? Local bars, restaurants etc. Remember that while buying a property is a business transaction, many clients like to find out about the current owners. Where you are from and your background. Buying still involves our emotions and if there is a Welcome Pack, then this shows how considerate and thoughtful you are by helping the next owner. 
Make it easier for the agent to sell it - we are fortunate enough that most of our vendors allow us to keep a key and organise viewings directly. This makes it so much more efficient and your chances of selling are much higher. Sometimes, the timings on a day with clients can change. Due to this we can be early or late or not even fit in a viewing. If we have a key we can go when we like. It also helps with last minute viewings. One final piece of advice is to have an advertising board outside and don't forget our Virtual Experience!