Portugal - In a Nutshell

Portugal is an interesting proposition in terms of whether or not it is on the top of the list of places most clients want to visit. It's probably not. Historically clients wanting to seek the sun and have a short flight from Northern Europe probably chose Spain. Sunshine, familiarity, cheapness and ease of travel. After having visited Spain and then maybe enjoyed a long-haul holiday further afield, clients then ask themselves where else? Perhaps then Portugal comes into focus. Is it different than Spain? What is the food like? Does it have nightlife? Are the beaches clean and safe? Eventually, sooner or later the flight is booked and you have committed to a holiday in Portugal.

What you find when you arrive is wonderful people. A culture that, over many years, has been accustomed to working and playing alongside foreigners. The Portuguese are extremely charming, helpful and relaxed. They love nothing more than a day on the beach, surfing a few waves, eating fresh fish and drinking a coffee. They still appreciate the simple things. Family and pleasure come first. It is no wonder when they are blessed with arguably the best climate in the world backed up by nature’s styling.

Portugal is a relatively small country stretching 900km from North to South and 200km from East to West. Its population is around 10 million. The capital is Lisbon with the second largest city being Oporto. Both these cities have become increasingly popular with tourists and investors over the last ten years. In the south you have the Algarve that runs East to West and is flanked by the Monchique mountain range. The Algarve remains the most popular destination with visitors from all over the world. Geographically the Algarve has it all. Sandspit beaches, nature reserves, dune backed beaches, cliffs, rock pillars – all waiting to form part of your ideal photograph. For the fitness minded then golf, cycling, tennis, surfing, swimming, fishing and football are enjoyed in abundance.

In terms of cuisine then the Portuguese enjoy everything the Atlantic Ocean can provide; fish and shellfish are a specialty, washed down with a sparkling green wine from the Douro. Alternatively, if fish isn’t your thing then enjoy the simple creation of piri piri chicken. Chicken (with or without the spicy sauce), homemade chips and a tomato salad. Always a favourite in packed restaurants with conversation filling the air rather than music. There are two main beers – Superbock and Sagres – and Portugal has its famous wines and port to help digest whatever you are eating. It’s even mouthwatering to write this.

It is no surprise that once clients have had a taste of Portugal they want to return. Year after year. Then the seed is planted that they want to have a home here; be it short term, long term, holidays, working here or retiring here. Safety – in terms of living your life and investing your money. Quality of life – warm weather, longer daytime hours, savings in your pocket. Pleasure – beachside walks, alfresco dining, barbecues with friends. Portugal may not have one overriding feature of why you should come but what is does have is an irresistible assortment of ingredients that produce a meal worthy of paradise.

If you haven’t visited you should. If you have then you already know why we love it. Portugal and OliveHomes.com welcome you and hope to make you happy.